• Nov 03, 2017
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Simply Beautiful Holiday Décor

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Sometimes, less is more. And when it comes to your holiday décor, less decorations and simple touches could also equal more time to spend with your loved ones this holiday season. We’re not suggesting you give up the magic of twinkle lights or the fresh smell of evergreen, but if you’re short on time and feeling a little overwhelmed by the holiday season, here is a little bit of inspiration to create your simply beautiful holiday home. 

Nature’s Table

Add simple elegance to your table with by gathering elements from nature to dress up your table. Hearty pumpkins and gourds can be found at the grocery store and add a fun fall flair to your centerpiece. Glam it up a bit by painting them with metallic paint. Keep it extra simple with a few evergreen boughs over a simple table cloth. 

Minimalist Holiday Table, Christmas Centerpiece, Holiday Table, Holiday Decor

Go Small

Rather than choosing the tree that will just barely fit without putting a hole in your ceiling, select a small tree to adorn the your room. With a smaller tree, there’s no need for a heavy duty tree stand so the options are wide open. A large planter or a simple wooden crate makes a great base. With a smaller tree, you’ll want to choose only your favorite ornaments or make all your ornaments in a similar theme. This could be  a nice family project to come up with a theme and make the ornaments each year. 

Dress Up Your Bed

For a super-quick décor updated, swap out your regular sheets for a festive flannel pattern. The cozy addition will make your bedroom feel cheerful and cozy. Bonus: less time decorating and more time snuggling. 

Holiday Decor, Holiday Bedding

Branch Out

Look no further than your backyard for some beautiful and affordable décor. Branches can be used in many ways to bring a warm natural feel to your holiday décor. Add some lights and a few ornaments for a festive addition to any space. In extra small spaces, this could even replace a traditional tree. Use a horizontal branch to display homemade wreaths and ornaments. Or, grab this clever idea for an advent calendar. Hang paper envelopes with special surprises from a branch. 

Minimal Mantels

A little mantel décor is a holiday must, but that doesn’t mean you need to go over the top. Keep it simple with evergreen branches or garland and a few simple stockings. Add your favorite scented candle or holiday decoration to help keep the greenery in place and you’re all done. 

Minimalist Holiday Mantel, Christmas Mantel, Holiday Decor

The content of this post first appeared in the 2017 Fall Issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple magazine.

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